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Enable smarter factories with AI

Looking to scale your business with the help of emerging technologies – AI, data science and data analytics?

Our solutions are backed by our expertise in understanding and managing different datasets (satellite imagery, complex machine data, borrower history, customer behaviour, application usage data and social feeds) and deep know-how of AI/ML algorithms.

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Digital Transformation for Industry

An Enterprise AI
driving digital transformation

Experience the power of big data analytics and IoT embracing Industry 4.0.

Increase Productivity and Reliability

Improve Quality, Safety & Sustainability

Reduce Costs & Increase Energy Efficiency


Our Latest Services

MLOPs on Cloud

Innovate machine learning products and services on a trusted cloud (public, private or hybrid) platform. An unified machine learning platform will help you build, deploy and scale more effective AI models. Train deep learning and machine learning models cost-effectively.

Data Engineering

Enables you a data-driven decision making mechanism by collecting, transforming, and publishing data. You will be able to design, build, operationalize, secure, and monitor data processing systems with a particular emphasis on security & compliance, scalability & efficiency and, reliability.

Machine Learning

You would build & train algorithms to predict events like production lines failures or anomaly detection in production line activity or red flag asset condition. ML algorithms can provide recommendations on the most granular attributes of your products.

Computer Vision & NLP

Computer vision algorithms help you in automating quality inspection during the production process by analysing images and videos of batches in production line. Real-time and batch recommendations based on multiple data sources and hybrid NLP algorithms

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