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Predictive Maintenance
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ElintData is an Enterprise AI and Industrial IoT company driving digital transformation.

Predictive Maintenance
Our predictive maintenance algorithms monitor the condition of your assets to reduce machine downtime, and predict failure of the asset. Optimization of asset maintenance reduces operational costs.
Energy Management
Insights take into account various factors such as energy consumption, heating or cooling load, thermal comfort index and weather forecast. Combined with Predictive Maintenance Systems, it ensures savings in costs due to decreased down time.
Asset Performance Optimization
Leverage big data and AI to gain insights to help you improve efficiency of your assets.
Insights and data are gained from sensors placed in HVAC systems, energy meters, and other key building/factory systems to provide actionable intelligence.
Data Security
Empowering your organization with proactive security and operational excellence. Our comprehensive SecOps offering combines the expertise of our security and operations teams to provide you with a robust defense against evolving threats. With a collaborative approach, advanced automation tools, and continuous monitoring, we ensure the highest level of protection for your critical assets. Our integrated incident response framework and risk management practices enable us to swiftly detect, analyze, and respond to security events, minimizing their impact on your business
Real Time Asset Location System
Asset location monitoring is done using sensors. With the RTLS tags you know the location, status and movement of your vehicles, machines, tools, raw materials, and inventory within the factory.
Supply chain visibility and optimization
We use IoT and AI technologies to gain visibility across the supply chain to optimize the process and avoid disruptions. We use real time data to provide accurate forecasts and insights. We help you build an intelligent supply chain.

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